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Scott, also a supporter of Liberated Christians, describes himself as a conservative, evangelical Christian who had been interested in poly relationships for years before and during his marriage. Eventually he began to research these issues to determine whether what the church had always taught him was true. He says: "I had always been assured that in the new covenant, Jesus had abolished polygamy, but nobody ever had the verse handy. Well, maybe it wasn't Jesus, maybe old sex-negative Paul?

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Since there are many related subjects to deal with and since theologians won't be put off from expounding their views, I will use this opportunity to update and expand some of my views on sex in general and polyamory in particular as these views have been presented in various articles in the Liberated Christians Newsletter. Paul and Peter give exhortations regarding dress and head covering for women 1 Corinthians ; 1Peter for the likely purpose of encouraging Christian women to distinguish themselves from the common appearance of prostitutes of the day.

This is the case in terms of the specific debates about the roles of men and women in the home and church. SSeeking same was true of the notion that held that women were responsible for the moral corruption of men by sexual temptations, which turned them away from the pursuit of "spiritual" things.

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Men, on the one hand, have elevated women to unrealistic heights of "purity" and at the same time sought to use them selfishly for their own pleasure. I would go as far as to say that this understanding places on very perilous spiritual ground those contemporary Christian teachers and there are many whose ministries tend to focus on efforts to reverse the so-called sexual revolution and turn both church and society backwards in terms of the sexual openness and positiveness closdt has been accomplished in recent decades, flawed and incomplete as those efforts may have been.

No worse fate could have befallen the church than to combine the oppressive rule of a male hierarchy with anti-sexual attitudes which degraded women.

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He reveals his resurrection first to nuditss who then carry the news to the disciples. Many from more conservative backgrounds appreciate discussions of a biblical and theological nature that help them understand and deal with the specifically Christian dimensions of past hang-ups about sexuality.

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The feminism of the New Testament does not lead to the notion that men and women are to change places willy-nilly in home or society or that there are not natural qualities and abilities that give each advantages in terms of various social and physical functions. The linkage between this anti-body philosophy and the church's negative attitudes to sexuality is easy to see.

This was the path, begun near the end of the second century, of converting the masses to Christianity, "to bring them into the church, but with no hope that these thousands of people can live as if they were in the kingdom of God" that is, in a full spiritual freedom.

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We have all seen such paintings. The repression of human sexuality and freedom in relationships is not least in the litany of the sins of this power structure. For a variety of reasons the relationship did end, although I nuvists that each of us will always consider the other as a permanent part of ourselves.

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For some, vloset takes on a quasi-physical character and is transmitted via physical conception. And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will obtain the unfading crown of glory. It is ificant that one of the most important biblical texts on this subject was written by St. Nor can these attitudes be found in the teachings of Jesus or the writers of the New Testament in spite of centuries of effort by the church to use these sources to justify such attitudes.

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Couples may share many interests, both general and sexual, or may diverge from one closft in many areas. This view, often referred to as Gnosticism, very early came to be incorporated into Christian teaching and has corrupted the church's understanding of human life ever since. Eventually these views took over the theology of the church relative to sexuality.

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Eventually he began to research these issues to determine whether what the church had always taught him was true. All have been suspect at times as taking the Christian's focus from God.

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And so on and on. The New Testament does not reverse this in the sense of now placing women in dominance over men. In The Know It can be incredibly risky for dogs to navigate a busy road. In 1Timothy Paul writes against floset teachers in the church "who forbid marriage and demand abstinence from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. Ohter is done again and again in the New Testament and no less in some of the specific teachings about the relationship of men and women.

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As noted above, until the Middle Ages the church simply accepted the ideas of marriage that were practiced by various cultures. Instead the Bible supports a celebration of such pleasures as God's gifts to his creatures. What is the point of all of this? It is likely that the purpose of this exhortation was to prevent scandal in churches whose largest membership was of Jewish origin at a time when polygamy had generally passed away among the Jews. The path chosen would determine whether Christianity would become a force for the full freedom of mankind as offered in the gospel of Christ or a force for the control and restriction of freedom.

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Lest I be accused of being too hard on the church and its leadership, it must be pointed out that throughout the church's history many of its leaders, even those who were clearly part of a defective power system, have given themselves unselfishly for the good of the people of God in obedience to the teachings and example of Christ and the apostles. Not only was marriage generally discouraged in favor of lifelong celibacy, even for the laity, but elaborate rules were created relating to sexual relations between married people that were intended to both restrict their conjugal activities and instill guilt and fear as well.

This ought not to be forgotten, but the failure of the church's power structure to truly liberate those under its care must also be remembered. The classic example is Genesisthe text on leaving father and mother and cleaving to one's wife.

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The real point of Sreking passage and of a similar one in Mt. This has to be determined by the context and the historical situation that appears to be involved and unless these factors throw specific light on the meaning, the terms themselves do not help us. This attitude has spawned innumerable religious rules and regulations deed to restrict, repress and otherwise regulate the sexual behavior of church members and even the behavior of those who may not be associated with organized Christianity, but who merely live in Christianized societies.

This version of Christianity does not conform to the gospel of Christ or the teachings of the New Testament as a whole.

Rather, these views were cultural, philosophical and religious concepts imported from Mid-eastern and Greek sources.