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There are people who have been missing for more than nine months. Some are taken for a few weeks or days for questioning Seekjng then returned, so it is a situation that disturbs every Wajir resident. People fear and keep asking themselves who the next victim will be. When they did not find him, they threatened to arrest his wife and five children if they did not disclose his whereabouts. The men had no uniforms that could have identified them as police men, neither did they reveal their identity nor divulge why they were looking for Farah. They then arrested and whisked away the shopkeeper at a nearby shop, mistaking him for Farah, but dumped him on the road miles away when they realized their error.

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Seeking Embu skin bbc

The relevant officials from the two agencies also did not reply to our request for in-person meetings to discuss the findings. The man said that, at the military camp, the military officers repeatedly shocked him with electricity, and injected him with unknown substances Human Rights Watch saw marks on his back, chest, hands and legs.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

He is one of at least 34 people, including two women, according to Human Rights Watch research, taken into custody by security forces during counterterrorism operations in northeastern Kenya between andwhose whereabouts remain unknown. Interrogators wanted to know how often Mohamed traveled to Nairobi, if he supported Al-Shabab with money, and whether Emu identities of his money-changing clients at the border were known to him.

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They took away my artificial limb and skkn all the toenails from my other leg. No other Embbu official responded to the queries. AP: Administration Police, one of the two branches of the Kenya Police Service initially used for administrative purposes by the defunct provincial administration but now largely deployed as VIP guards. In many cases, people being arrested were blindfolded for long periods thus making it difficult for them to identify arresting officers or know where they were being held.

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Researchers visited and conducted interviews in villages and towns Ebu Garissa for two weeks in Septemberin Wajir for one week in Octoberand in Mandera for two days in December They had slin given electric shocks several times, beaten with sticks, gun butts and whips and kicked in the ribs. It was there, according to someone who was with him in detention, that the three arresting officers who were in an AP vehicle, introduced themselves as ATPU police officers and told Mohamed he would be flown to Nairobi for questioning.

Kenya authorities have denied knowledge of the missing people, failed to acknowledge credible evidence of abuses during counterterrorism operations, failed to investigate the allegations and in some instances, intimidate and harass those seeking information and ability. However, those arrested for some of the attacks include non-Somali Kenyans and in a few cases, non-Kenyans. A report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights notes that some of those who arrested them were driving in an armored military vehicle.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

Methodology This report is based on Human Rights Watch research in Nairobi, Garissa, Wajir and Mandera counties in northeastern Kenya — all counties in which community members had raised concerns Ebmu the whereabouts of people who had been arrested in law enforcement operations. The officers pursued, arrested and forced him to sit down. Witness statements suggest the 34 believed to have been disappeared and the 11 killed, predominantly ethnic Somali Kenyans, may have been under investigation for alleged links to or knowledge of Al-Shabab, the Somalia-based Islamist armed group.

A well-wisher volunteered to take him back on a personal motor bike. As multiple police units, military and wildlife services are deployed, it is increasingly unclear who is commanding operations and where families should go to locate relatives in custody. It is heartbreaking because police have not been interested in investigating the matter. It's peculiar and unnerving in a way to see so many young nixe walking around with cellphones and iPods in.

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Most interviews were conducted in person but some were carried out by telephone. When a crowd that thought he was already dead started gathering at the station, the officer in charge of Wajir police station ordered him to immediately begin to walk back home. The identities of some KDF and police officers who were interviewed have been concealed for security reasons, in most cases at the request of the interviewees.

Senator Kivuti has announced that he will seek to become Embu governor, an idea vehemently opposed by Mbarire. In all of the cases documented in this report, families of those arrested and witnesses of operations said that security officers did not present a search or arrest warrant.

There were no bonfires to sit around. But during this pandemic, most of these rituals are simply off-limits, whether a person died of Covid or not.

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They told us that on that day they also heard gunshots but they denied knowledge of what had happened. Furthermore, he should establish an independent and credible multi-agency commission to investigate and report on the scope of abuses in counterterrorism operations country-wide.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

Officers have regularly failed to present suspects in court in a timely way during the ongoing law enforcement operations in the northeast. How can we trust them with fair investigations and trial?

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Human Rights Watch heard other s of enforced disappearances implicating Kenya Wildlife Service rangers in Garissa, particularly in Danyere, Damajaley, Dadaab and Mbalambala, but did not include them in this report for lack of sufficient corroborating evidence. When they did not find him, they threatened to arrest his wife and five children if they did not disclose his whereabouts. The targets of these operations are most often males between 20 and 40 years Enbu and some are either imams or Islamic education teachers also locally known as dugsi or duksi in Somali and their students, or have some responsibilities in their local mosques.

The hearing of the case has been postponed three times and at time of writing had yet to occur amid reports of witness intimidation. We told them that he was arrested by CID officers but the police insisted that maybe Omar had crossed Seekiing border to Somalia.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

The wildlife service replied and denied any knowledge of the arrestees. Relatives and friends of victims believed the individuals behind these operations are Kenyan security forces because in a few instances, they wore uniforms associated with Kenyan security — either police or military — while in others, even when they were not uniformed, they carried identity cards from either police or military or drove vehicles with official government inia.

They showed their service IDs and they turned out to be officers attached to the National Intelligence Service.

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Who Seeking Embu skin bbc about the character? Within minutes, he received a call from a concealed line ordering him to vacate the area and never talk about the issue again. A person's death is Sewking call for celebration, even amidst the mourning Ebu grieving. Despite numerous law enforcement operations along the coast, hundreds were arrested and mistreated only to have charges Seeling for lack of evidence and no one held responsible for the attacks.

Soldiers removed Hussein Abdullahi Ali from Wajir military camp two days after his arrest, according to his brother, bcb it is not known where he was taken. During the interrogation, the military officers asked him about the location of Al-Shabab fighters, where guns are being hidden and the whereabouts of his brother, who Kenyan security was yet to locate. For the communities in western Kenya where I come from, like the Luo and Luhya, a person's death and their burial are incredibly important events.

This report documents abuses involving law enforcement agencies related to operations aimed at thwarting the threat posed by Al-Shabab in counties in northeastern Kenya between December and December Elaborate funeral with 10 different rites A dead person is treated with utmost respect and there are death and burial rites to be followed, to ensure a faultless send-off.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

The patterns of abuses and the type of security agencies implicated varied from county to county. A witness told Human Rights Watch that some people might have been targeted for arrest after they telephoned individuals whose cellphones were being monitored by security officers over links with Al-Shabab. The family briefly went to pray just outside the police station as the officers talked to Farah.

Some of those arrested have never been seen again.

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Live tracker: Coronavirus in Africa In many African societies death and life are intricately tied. In some instances arrestees had publicly called for respect for the rights of those arrested or protested the detention of their friends. The men later directed the area chief to find Farah for them. The security officers who carried out arrests or searches documented in this report were, in most cases, not uniformed and did not have identification inia and failed to identify themselves, making it difficult for families to trace their relatives or seek justice.

Seeking Embu skin bbc

Some names and dates as listed in letters from Human Rights Watch to government actors have been edited in this report at the chart in annex 1 to ensure accuracy in spelling. Human Rights Watch received allegations of more than cases of killings and enforced disappearances in the three counties.